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A free consultation is an excellent, no-obligation way for you to find a good match when you are considering hiring an Attorney.

Many times, people end up hiring ineffective legal counsel or hire an attorney too late for the attorney to effectively represent them because most attorneys charge a consultation fee, even to talk on the phone.

Seroquel purchase online Bob Cinabro believes it is important for people to have a chance to speak with an attorney at no cost to ensure everyone has a chance to get the right representation at the right time. If you meet with Bob, and he determines that he would not be the best at providing the service you need in your case, he will tell you so. And he will also tell you where to go to get the service that you need.

Bob believes good representation depends on a bond of trust between the attorney and client. It is important that attorney and client work well together. It takes a team to build a successful case. An initial consultation helps both parties gauge whether or not the working relationship between the attorney and client is likely to be productive.

Note: This initial consultation is free, and it does not create an attorney/client relationship and is not meant to offer legal advice.


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